All Enrollments

All Enrollments

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Product Description

SQL script to generate all enrollements in any OAB implementation

Release 12

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What am I buying?

There are a total of 126 lines of code in this product. Here is an example:
43.   and opt.effective_end_date = TO_DATE('31-DEC-4712','DD-MON-YYYY')
44.   and prv.rt_end_dt = TO_DATE('31-DEC-4712','DD-MON-YYYY')
45.   and pen.pgm_id = pgm.pgm_id
46.   and pen.per_in_ler_id = pil.per_in_ler_id
47.   and pil.ler_id = ler.ler_id
48.   and per.person_id = pil.person_id

Report Fields

Full name employee_number location
DOB CVG ST date program name
plan type plan name life event
life ocrd dte option name benefit amt
rate activity type person type