VIEW AP Payment GL Distributions and Je Details

VIEW AP Payment GL Distributions and Je Details

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Product Description

NOTE - This is a VIEW not a report and enables you to build dozens of reports.  

What happens now?

Once you've decided on the report or view you'd like to buy, simply add it to your basket and proceed through the checkout. You will visit who are our payment processor, and on successful payment you will return to our site and the code will be unlocked for you to use. There will be a direct link in the order confirmation screen, or you can view the code at any time in the future through your Account screen.

What am I buying?

There are a total of 278 lines of code in this product. Here is an example:
93.    DECODE(
96.   'STAT',0,NVL(GLLIN.ACCOUNTED_CR,0)) Je_Amt_Memo_Summary_Cr_Base,
97.    DECODE(

Report Fields

Accounting Date Accounting Event Trans Flag Check Number
Je Header Name Je Header Period Name Vendor Name
Vendor Number Accounting Cross Cur Flag Accounting Date
Accounting Event Category Accounting Event Hdr Desc Accounting Event Line Currency
Accounting Event Line Desc Accounting Event Line Error Accounting Event Line GL Error
Accounting Event Line Number Accounting Event Line Type Accounting Event Number
Accounting Event Status Accounting Event Trans Flag Accounting Event Type
Accounting Period Name All Segments of the Chart of Accounts Alternate Vendor Site Code
Check Amount Check Amount Base Check Cleared Amount
Check Cleared Amount Base Check Currency Code Check Number
Check Released Date Check Status Check Voucher Number
Country Of Origin Exchange Date Exchange Rate
Exchange Rate Type Invoice Amount Invoice Amount Base
Invoice Currency Code Invoice Date Invoice Description
Invoice Freight Amount Invoice Freight Amount Base Invoice Number
Invoice Payment Status Invoice Received Date Invoice Source
Invoice Tax Amount Invoice Tax Amount Base Je Amt Memo Summary Cr
Je Amt Memo Summary Cr Base Je Amt Memo Summary Dr Je Amt Memo Summary Dr Base
Je Base Currency Code Je Batch Description Je Batch Name
Je Batch Posted Date Je Batch Status Je Header Balance Type
Je Header Balanced Flag Je Header Category Je Header Currency Code
Je Header Description Je Header External Reference Je Header Name
Je Header Period Name Je Header Source Je Header Status
Je Header Timestamp Je Line Description Je Line Effective Date
Je Line Ignore Rate Flag Je Line Number Je Line Stat Amount
Je Line Tax Code Payment Accounted Cr Payment Accounted Dr
Payment Accrual Posted Flag Payment Amount Payment Amount Base
Payment Bank Account Number Payment Bank Account Type Payment Bank Number
Payment Cash Posted Flag Payment Disc Lost Amount Payment Disc Lost Amt Base
Payment Disc Taken Amount Payment Disc Taken Amt Base Payment Entered Cr
Payment Entered Dr Payment Number Payment Posted Flag
Payment Posting Type Payment Type Vendor Alternate Name
Vendor Customer Number Vendor Site Code Vendor Site Customer Number
Voucher Number