By joining Code Club Developer Program (CCDP) as a “Developer” you hereby agree to any and all Terms and Conditions pertaining to the site, its members, its developers or employees.  CCDP reserves the right to cancel a developer’s membership for any reason at any time with no reason having to be given.  CCDP shall, to the full force of the law, pursue any developer member of CCDP causing anything that can be construed as destructive, damaging, hurtful, slanderous, and libelous or anything damaging to the site itself, such as “hacking”.

Uploading of Code

Becoming a developer and uploading code to CCDP you are hereby confirming the following pertaining to the code uploaded.

  1. You have developed said code
  2. You have full legal rights to sell, use, reuse said code in any manner
  3. Said code does not fall under the licensing of any other party, whether an individual, group, organization  or company
  4. CCDP shall not be held legally responsible for legal matters arising from said code being uploaded
  5. Code will go through an approval process before being uploaded to the site
  6. Code Club reserves the right to make changes to our terms and conditions providing you with 30 days notice of said changes.

Membership Fee

Code Club Developer Program reserves the right to charge an annual membership fee, Membership is currently free of charge.